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Lead Game Designer/ Level designer

Creating a life-sized angry birds game was super fun and exciting to make. The game is designed for 2 - 6 Players so it's a fun activity game to play with friends, colleagues and family. It was a challenge constructing levels based on physics and it was exciting to see the damage the birds make when they smash into towers.  The game takes players on an Angry bird journey to destroy the pigs that are taking over the world! Tailored for all audiences and easy to play and will get you moving.  

Come down and play!!

Game Mode 

Designing a new physical version of angry birds that requires 2 - 6 players to participate game was an exciting challenge. Using physics I had to create complex towers that would need two players to complete to encourage teamwork. The Electric Gamebox is all about moving and interacting with the game physically and I wanted to push that within angry birds by making the players move back and forth to aim and fire.  The new game modes were inspired by thinking of the objectives that would make the birds angry and attack the pigs. Unlike the original game, this angry bird experience takes you on an exciting journey of pure angry bird destruction.

Classic Mode

Taken from the original Angry Birds game, The classic mode gets players familiar with the birds' abilities and the play style. The aim of the level is to take down the piggies to clear the level. 

classic Mode

Boss Battles

Boss battle is a new game mode I created where players need to work as a team to defeat the boss. They will have to shoot down care packages and destroy surrounding structures to inflict damage.

It's a fast-paced game that gets all players running and out.


Free The Hatchling

The aim of Free hatchling mode is to free your stolen hatchlings from the piggies. To do this the players need to destroy the cage that holds their hatchling and fire in sync to collect the keys at the same time. 

Strategic game where players need to use their birds wisely.


EggHunt Boom!

This mode focuses on searching and finding golden eggs by destroying colour objects within the tower. When all eggs are found they are able to trigger an Eggstrom. 

Strategy and an explosive game mode that encourages players to explore the tower for eggs.

EGB Angry Birds
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