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Game Designer/ Level designer

A new game based on the hit Netflix series: Squid Game. In this 60-minute immersive, digital adventure, grab your friends, put on a visor and prepare for Squid Game. You will participate as a contender in Squid Game and have to survive all six challenges from the show. Using our 3D motion tracking visors and touch screens around the room, you will need to survive each challenge to advance in the game. Every time you lose, you lose players’ lives. Every time you win, earn money in the piggy bank. Recommended for ages 16+

Game Mode 

Creating the iconic game SquidGame was a lot of fun. The biggest challenge we had was creating the same high-intensity game that replicated the original but would have its own twist on it. The game starts with 452 lives, indicating to the player that this won't be an easy ride. Using the headsets to track height and the position in the X and Y-axis we are able to track full-body movement and enable many ways for the players to die

Red Light Green Light

Players need to move to the designated spots without being seen until they have reached the front wall. 



Testing skill, precision and balance. Using the player's body they need to trace out the shape without breaking it. 


Tug of War

Work as a team to stay in rhythm by stepping into position on the beat. When the rhythm is flowing, you will be able to pull the enemy off the bridge.



Classic game where you select marbles and aim to hit the enemies out of the ring.


Glass Bridge

Work as a team to answer the questions correctly. Using a bar, players will need to stand on which side they believe is correct. Once they do, players will either step forward onto the glass or fall to their doom. 


Squid Game

The final mode is an action-packed escape to freedom. Players will need to collect the key to open the bridge. Evade deadly pursuers and get into your safe house. 

Squid game
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