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Lead Game Designer/ Level designer

A learning game targeted at kids between 3- 12 years. The game uses the english school curriculum to create tailored questions aimed to help make learning fun. 

Immersive Brainbox uses Immersive Gamebox’s cutting edge technology to provide free immersive educational games for schools and youth groups.

Developed with curriculum experts, our games have scalable difficulty for different age groups and abilities.

Schools across the US and UK have been coming to Immersive Gamebox since our launch to play our games, often as part of a reward program for students, or as an enrichment activity.  We’ve heard time and again from teachers about the value of shared play in our Gameboxes – from improving students’ teamwork and communication skills, to being inspired by the use of technology.

Game Mode 

Creating a learning underwater sea adventure was a lot of fun. The biggest challenge I faced was making sure the level of difficulty matched the age it was targeted and was challenging enough to be fun. I wanted to make sure each game mode targeted a different section of the English language to create a range of what could be learnt within the time frame. I used the last level to emphasise what players have learnt throughout the game in a fast-paced movement game. 

Spelling Sink

Players need to move to the designated spots without being seen until they have reached the front wall. 


Clam Chaos

Testing skill, precision and balance. Using the player's body they need to trace out the shape without breaking it. 

WF_ClamChaos_05c (1).jpg

Whale Trail

Work as a team to stay in rhythm by stepping into position on the beat. When the rhythm is flowing, you will be able to pull the enemy off the bridge.

Squid game
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