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Crash Bandicoot : On The Run!

Junior Level designer

I am proud to say I have worked on the new Crash Bandicoot mobile game as a level designer doing game design elements per each land. With different islands, I've been able to create tailored gameplay experiences to help the player feel like they have entered a whacky crash world. 

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Challenge Run Breakdowns

When creating the challenge runs, I had to set rules for the player and the designer to follow to make sure each challenge mode felt different. I used a variety of different combinations with enemies, obstacles and land specific gameplay elements to create a challenging and fun experience experience.

Crate Challenge

Taken from the original crash game, the crate challenge focuses on players searching and destroying all crates. Using level-specific game mechanics to create puzzles for the player to figure out.

Boomberry Challenge

The aim of the Boomberry challenge is to get to the end without dying. This challenge is designed with a sequence of puzzles that involve the player using the Boomberry in creative ways to clear their path to complete the level.

Destroy all Enemies

This challenge mode focuses on finding and destroying enemies. The design is based on using level-specific game mechanics in conjunction with enemies to find the correct route to complete the challenge.

Time Trial

The time trial is based on the original challenge mode from Crash where you race against time using speed pads and numbered crates. The level is comprised of multiple interlocking routes, land specific game mechanics and enemies to push the player to explore and aim to get the quickest time. There is only 1 Boomberry available for the player to find and use to assist them towards their goal so the player will have to use it wisely.

Team Run Breakdown

Team-run design was more challenging because it's a multiplayer game.  To make it different from the other game modes I decided it would be a game mode about endurance and skill where the aim is to survive the longest. I created multiple routes to allow each player to take different routes and split away from the other players. The levels contain more Wumpa and crates and the levels have more tight areas that require skill to pass through. The player's speed increases over time which helps to make this game feel different to the other challenges. 

Crash Bandicoot: On The Run
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