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Lead Game Designer/ Level designer

Experience an Immersive GameBox experience with your group. With motion tracking, touch screens, surround sound and drinks delivered during your game, Immersive Gamebox is like nothing you have experienced before!  Perfect for adult groups and families with children aged 5+.

Book today at and see why Tripadvisor named us in their Top 10% of worldwide attractions.

At Immersive Gamebox, I work across multiple projects as a Game and Level designer. I write Game documents and game design tools for developers. I host weekly meetings to keep games on track and assess whether the timeline needs to be adjusted. In recent projects, I was the sole conductor of finding or creating background audio, Images, UI, VFX, SFX and Voice Overs for the game.  Working here has allowed my skills to grow exponentially in many areas and it's given me the ability to rapid prototype at a higher standard. 

Immersive Gamebox
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