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Thinking bout the Logo

Recently I haven't been able to work on Mouth Control as much as I would have liked to in March, so I decided kick start the game again and design a few prototype logos to help me envision the final product that I wish to publish.

I want to use an open mouth for the logo as it will be easily noticeable as a Splash Icon. The mouth needs to be simple, cartoonish and distinctive. My initial idea was to use a rounded typeface that can be easily read and have the letter 'O' be mouths but it seemed to unbalance the logo and not look as good as I expected.

The most memorable logo to me out of the designs I created would be logo with 'Mouth Control' in white in the middle of an open mouth. I like it because it's straight to the point and it gives a brief indication of what the game is about but the logo is unfinished and needs to be worked on more.

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