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Patience Ashiokai Ocquaye

​My name is Patience Ashiokai Ocquaye but you can call me patience or Ashiokai.

I am looking to take the next step in my career as i have worked on multiple app games, VR experiences and prototypes.

In my free time, I enjoy using Unity3d or Unreal to develop different concepts and ideas. I am influenced by multiple art styles, my daily life and different mediums that encourage me to think outside the box. My attitude is always positive and infectious that's why I enjoy working in a team with like-minded and talented people as it brings the best out of me.

I enjoy staying active, having fun, watching anime, checking out anything I find cool while staying social within and out of my field as it helps me to stay inspired and to think out of the box. 

​​2023 - Present 
OutRight Games
Game Design 

​​2021 - 2023 
IGB - Immersive GameBox
Game Design 

2019 - 2021
King Games
Level Design

2016 - 2017
Ma Games Art
The University of Hertfordshire
3D Games Art
2013 - 2016
Ba Digital Animation
The University of Hertfordshire
3D Games Art


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